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It’s Time to Do Something Nice For Your Beard

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Chopperhead’s products are made for men with badass style and work well together to not only care for your skin, but also maintain your beard. Each product is used by professional barbers and Chopperheads everywhere who want no-nonsense badass style.  

How to Use Our Men’s Grooming Products

Learn how Chopperhead’s products work together to help you get a clean shave and that perfect beard shape.  

Step One - Apply Shaving Oil

Our non-greasy, pre-shave oil will provide your skin the hydration and nourishment that your skin needs to protect it while shaving. Our pre-shave oil formula promotes regeneration and nourishment for all skin types.

Step Two - Shaving Cream

Next, using a brush or your hands, wet your skin and apply our luxury shaving cream. We formulated our luxury shaving cream to hydrate your skin as you shave and help you get that close shave that you love.

Step Three - Aftershave Tonic

Combat irritation and redness as well as tone your skin with our aftershave tonic that utilizes effective natural ingredients such as coffee, ginseng, and guarana extracts.

Step Four - Aftershave Balm

Next, sooth, repair, and hydrate your skin with our men’s shaving balm, formulated to hydrate your skin throughout the day.

Step Five - Apply Beard Oil & Style your Facial Hair

Lastly, apply our premium beard oil and style your facial hair with our Chopperhead combs. Our beard oil nourishes and softens your beard allowing you to tame and style it — also possibly eradicating blemishes. Finish off your look with using our beard brush or our mustache and beard comb.  

Shop our entire Chopperhead line for products made for the modern man with classic style. Create multiple looks with easy to use male grooming products.  


It’s Time to Do Something Nice For Your Beard

Chopperhead offers everything you need to keep your facial hair or beard healthy, moisturized, and styled. Shop our entire line of male grooming products formulated and created by chopperheads for chopperheads and men with badass style. Whether you are sporting a magnificent mustache or rocking a full beard, we provide the products that allow you to embrace your edgy, masculine, beauty. Shop our entire line of essential male grooming products or become an official Chopperhead retailer.