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Shop Chopperhead limited edition products created for men embracing their masculine beauty.

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Chopperhead’s creators and crew have created effective products that appeal to badass men wishing to embrace their rock n’ roll, masculine style. Inspired by bikers, tattoo artists, street artists, and others, every part of Chopperhead products from the label to the product itself is for men who love to live life on their terms.

Limited Edition Men’s Hair Care Products & Male Grooming Products

Whether you love the clean-cut rock n’ roll look of James Dean the edgy classic styles of the Ton-Up Boys, or want to inhabit Steve McQueen’s care-free spirit, Chopperhead for created for you.

How to Use Our Men’s Hair Care Products

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Grooming Wax Limited Edition Tin-Tin

It isn’t just the limited edition packaging created by world-famous tattoo artist Tin-Tin that you’ll love; our pomade hair wax can give you a high gloss finish for multiple styling options. Use it for touseled looks, as well as sleek or sculpted styles. Learn more about the natural products that make our grooming wax one-of-a-kind, and shop all of our men’s hair care products.

Hair and Beard Shampoo Snake Limited Edition 200ml

Minimize the number of products you need with our hair and beard shampoo. This limited edition shampoo is formulated to keep your scalp and beard free of irritation, redness, and dandruff, as well as remove residue. Also, enjoy the benefits of natural antioxidants that nourish your hair, scalp, and beard. Shop our male grooming products, shaving essentials, and beard must-haves.

Hair and Beard Shampoo Black Edition 200ml

Get everything you need from our limited edition hair and beard shampoo formulated to rid your face and scalp or irritation, redness, dandruff, and residue. Additionally, nourish your hair, scalp, and beard with effective, natural antioxidants.of our products as well as our , , and folding pocket combs.

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