About Us


When Eric Famechon, CEO of the Cosmecare group specializing in hair care and a biker at heart, began to brainstorm about a new line for men, he came up with ChopperHead. A brand of 100% masculine products, made in France, which is dedicated to gentlemen's hair and beards that was designed with a striking and artistic signature style.

Created and then developed by major names in the beauty world, the ChopperHead brand is the result of a partnership with Raphaël Perrier, several-time world hairdressing champion and a renowned artist, along with a collective of artists/entrepreneurs who are united by a common vision and driven by a shared passion. Today the ChopperHead crew offers its interpretation of male beauty.

Eric Famechon - The CreatorERIC FAMECHON

From self-made man to entrepreneur, he draws his strength of character from his family heritage, travels, opportune and fortuitous encounters. This ideal blend that – combined with passion – continues to drive this French success story.
From his first studio to the companies he owns in France and abroad, his success is not just from his tireless work ethic and extraordinary intuition but also his genuine human qualities. Success also involves surrounding yourself with the right people, and, listening, sharing, and communicating your passion to your clients and your team.


Eric Famechon's partner, Raphaël comes from a family of three generations of hairstylists. Nicknamed "l’As du ciseau" ("Golden Scissors"), this French hairstylist is a four-time world champion and coach of the French hairstyling team. His victories, travels, and encounters have opened the doors to haute couture shows and taken him behind the scenes of musicals such as Le Roi Soleil and Mozart l’Opéra Rock. Passionate and committed, now he trains over 8,000 hairstylists with his teams worldwide and passes on the art of creation with his signature, modern, rock 'n' roll touch. A stylistic expression that he dedicates to his clients whether on or off stage.

The Line

Chopperhead is a line of men’s hair care products made entirely in France from the Cosmecare laboratories. Our thirteen unique products have been formulated to meet the modern man’s needs for male grooming products for skin, hair, and beard. The packaging of Chopperhead’s male grooming line and a host of accessories is designed by top names in the world of tattooing and graffiti.

With the Chopperhead line, we wanted to offer the modern man who is unafraid to embrace his masculinity male grooming products that would help him achieve that classic rock-n-roll style inspired by bikers, tattoo artists, street artists, and other edgy badass creatives. We designed our products to not only allow these men who use them to achieve their desired style, but also to care for their skin, beard, and hair well. Chopperhead is more than just about our men’s hair care products. It’s about a lifestyle that embraces a masculine interpretation of male beauty.

Buy individual products of our men’s hair care line or apply for retailing Chopperhead products at your barber shop or hair salon online.