Essential Male Grooming Products & Tips

Beard Tips

Most great facial hair doesn't just happen. Beards must be cared for and the grower must do his part to help his beard grow. If you’re growing a beard for the first time, or you’re ready to grow a beard you are proud of, then you’re in the right place.

Wash Your Beard Regularly

Though a beard, for some men, is an excuse to let themselves go, if you want your beard to look good then you’re going to have to put some effort into it. Washing your beard 2-3 times a week with beard shampoo is the first step for caring for your beard. Washing it will remove oils, dirt and grime, sweat, and anything else that has found its way into your beard. Cleaning it regularly will also help you avoid an itchy uncomfortable beard as well as acne.

Keep It Conditioned & Moisturized

Washing your beard is the first step for avoiding an itchy, uncomfortable beard; moisturizing and conditioning is the next step. A dry beard will wick away moisture from your face causing your skin to dry out and sometimes for acne to occur. Use beard oil and beard balm regularly to avoid this, and to help your beard grow and look its best.

Trim It Often

Trim your beard every few weeks to not only get rid of the split end but also to shape your beard. A great rule of thumb is to trim your beard to mirror the shape of your face. Using a beard brush or comb can help you make sure your beard is trimmed all to one length. Don’t forget to clean up your neckline every couple weeks, as well!

Stay Healthy

In many cases, a healthy man grows a healthy-looking beard. Keep yourself healthy by eating a nutritious diet, drinking plenty of water, having an active lifestyle, sleeping well, and limiting the amount of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances you imbibe. If you’re unsatisfied with your beard, try making some changes to your lifestyle and see how much better you feel and your beard looks!

Have Good Products

Using good products can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your facial hair looking great. Products that actually deliver on their promises, are non-toxic, and have natural and effective ingredients will help your beard grow and look its best.

What Beard Products Do I Need?

Great beards might happen naturally, but most often they are the result of the use of good products. Here are the essentials for caring for your beard.

choosing your beard products

Choosing Your Beard Products: It’s Really Quite Simple

No matter if you are a man who likes to keep things simple when it comes to your time spent in the bathroom, or you love to have multiple products to take care of yourself, the beard products we offer at Chopperhead can help keep things simple and enjoyable.

What Do You Need Your Products To Do?

First, it’s important to understand the basics of what your beard needs. There are a lot of balms and waxes, and oils out there to choose from but what does your beard actually need?



As you probably gathered from our tips section, to keep your beard looking good, you need to wash it regularly. Because we like to keep things simple, we offer a beard shampoo that you can also use for your hair, making shower time a breeze.

Beard Oil

To keep your beard comfortable and your face free from breakouts, you need beard oil. Beard oil will keep your beard hair moisturized and offer it nutrients to be soft and manageable — helping you avoid the wild, unkempt look.

When your beard hair is properly moisturized, you can avoid breakouts as well as dry, itchy skin. How so? When your beard is dry, it will wick away moisture from your face. As a result, your face will become dry and will produce more oil: with an oily face and dead skin, it is the perfect environment for blemishes to occur. Keep your beard moisturized and it will help you look your best!

Beard Comb or Beard Brush

A beard comb and beard brush can not only help apply beard oil evenly but can also help you as you trim your beard to avoid it looking scraggly. Get all of your beard hair going in one direction and have a superbly trimmed beard with the use of a brush. For best results, brush your beard as part of your daily routine.

Other Shaving Essentials

As you can see in the graphic above there are many more products that are available — which ones do you need? For shaving your face and neck you need products that will not only help you to have a clean shave, but also products that can hydrate and soothe irritations: We suggest using these products every time you shave:

  • Shaving oil - hydrates your skin for a clean shave and minimize redness and irritations
  • Shaving cream - use with a razor for a clean shave
  • Aftershave tonic - a lightweight product to soothe any irritations and provide nutrients to repair your skin and nourish it
  • Aftershave balm - Hydrate your skin to avoid dryness and protect your skin