The Crew


A hairstylist and barber skilled at old-style shaving. His cutting-edge expertise helped create ChopperHead products, which are designed not only for professionals, but above all for a male clientele that appreciate this world.




A men's world hairdressing champion, this passionate expert has represented the know-how of French fine hairstyling for men worldwide. His expert eye and exacting quality standards were harnessed in the creation of the products in the Chopperhead line.



A men's world hairdressing champion, his fine blade and specialty skills as a men's hairstylist made it possible to develop specific products in the line that meet the demand from professional clients and salon customers.




Presiding at Obscurum Ink in Rouen, this well-known tattoo artist specializing in the hand poke technique (machine-free tattooing) has created Chopperhead's stylistic identity, offering his distinct, personal style.




Emerging from street culture and inspired by the world of motorbikes, skateboards, and tattoos, Pedro is an artist firmly rooted in his time. His style is reflecting the current trend, where drawing is more expressive than any word. This illustrator of Spanish descent, now living in England, speaks the language of images. Through these, he expresses, in his own way, his personal definition of freedom, escape, and the everyday.


Chopperhead is a collaborative project by some of the greatest creative minds in the hair care and male grooming industry. Together with tattoo artists and world class street-inspired artists, the Chopperhead crew created a male grooming product line for men who want to embrace their masculine style. Create slicked back, effortlessly tousled, or structured styles, as well as give your clients a clean cut shave with our products. Learn more about the Chopperhead crew and the creative genius behind our men’s hair care line.

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