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Chopperhead Lifestyle

Chopperhead’s 13 unique male grooming and men’s hair care products will give you that rock-n-roll masculine style you're looking for. Inspired by masculine beauty, Chopperhead’s male grooming products are a collaborative project from the creative minds of world-champion hair stylists and barbers as well as tattoo artists and street art inspired artists. Each product is designed specifically for men's hair and beards for the most advanced styles and trends.

Chopperhead isn’t just another men’s hair care product line. It is for those devoted to the Chopperhead lifestyle that embraces masculine beauty and creativity.


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Chopperhead Lifestyle

13 unique products for skin, hair and beard. Influenced by top names in the world, from tattooing and graffiti art.

Chopperhead’s thirteen unique products for skin, hair and beard are influenced by the top names in the world of hair stylists and barbers, tattooing, and graffiti art. We have created products infused with natural ingredients for effective styling, a clean shave, and a well-groomed beard.

The top line of products for men’s shaving and styling is right here!

Chopperhead is the brainchild of Cosmecare group’s CEO Eric Famechon — a self-proclaimed chopperhead — and Raphael Perrier “Golden Scissors,” a world-champion hairstylist. Together with their crew of other world-class hairstylists and barbers, tattoo artists, and street-inspired artists, they created a line of male grooming and men’s hair care products that are for men who wish to embrace their masculine beauty with slicked back, effortlessly tousled, or structured rock-n-roll looks and well-sculpted, groomed beards.

Chopperhead offers beard shaving essentials as well as hair styling products and combs. We offer individual products as well as wholesale, retailing opportunities. Contact us if you have questions about our products and fill out our online dealer application.

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