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Embrace Modern, Edgy Styles Inspired By Classic Masculine Looks

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Chopperhead’s hair styling products were created by world champion hair stylists looking for products to create badass styles inspired my men’s natural, masculine beauty, and classic rock n’ roll hairstyles. Whether you are looking to create high-volume styles, modern slicked-back looks, or effortlessly messy looks, Chopperhead has men’s hair care products that will not only help you achieve these looks, but nourish your hair while doing it.   

How to Use Our Men’s Hair Care Products

Learn how Chopperhead products can help you effectively achieve multiple looks.

Traditional Hair Pomade

Our low shine pomade is perfect for achieving natural, relaxed styles for a soft, flexible hold.

Aqua Wax

Our Aqua Wax is a wet look hair wax perfect for creating a structured, smooth, slicked back style.

Matte Wax

Love that artfully tousled look? Our matte wax cream stays flexible, allowing for natural restyling and a rock n’ roll you can enjoy all day.  

Grooming Wax

Want multiple styling options and a high-gloss finish, you can’t go wrong with our pomade hair wax and Limited edition tin designed exclusively for Chopperhead by the world famous tattoo artist Tin-Tin.

Fiber Gel

Can’t decide if you want a matte finish or shiny look? Our fiber gel is perfect for achieving a half-matte, half shiny finish for high volume, slicked back looks.

Strong Fixing Gel

When you need a voluminous, rock n’ roll style, look no further than our strong hair gel for men. Made to styles you don’t want to move, use on short, styled or tousled looks.  

Modeling Gel

Our strong hold hair gel is cut out for holding and achieving high, voluminous styles with some shine effortlessly.

Hair & Beard Shampoo

Enjoy a two-in-one with our hair and beard shampoo designed to combat redness, dandruff, and irritation, and remove residue. Enjoy the antioxidant benefits and the nourishing benefits of vitamin E, coffee, ginseng, and guarana.

Chopperhead Combs

We offer several folding pocket combs and other pocket combs that can make it easy to achieve multiple looks. Choose from our 883 and 1340 folding combs and our 1450 pocket comb.


Shop all of our Chopperhead products and effortless, badass style that not only looks good, but keeps your hair healthy.

Embrace Modern, Edgy Styles Inspired By Classic Masculine Looks

We offer essential men’s hair care products including fiber gel for hair, hair and beard shampoo, hair gel, hair wax, hair pomade, modeling gel, and more. We have created hair products for men that are effective, edgy, and perfect for men of all ages looking for modern, edgy looks inspired by classic styles. Embrace your masculine appearance effortlessly with Chopperhead men’s styling products and men’s hair care products. Buy your own products online or apply for a dealer application online.