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Embrace Your Rebellious Side With Chopperhead’s Shaving Essentials

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Chopperhead’s shaving essentials work together seamlessly to help you achieve a clean look with healthy skin and hair. Each of our men’s grooming products are made with natural ingredients necessary for a healthy, clean shave.

How to Use Our Men’s Grooming Products

If you don’t know how our products work together, how can you receive the full benefit?

Step One - Apply Shaving Oil

This non-greasy, pre-shave oil will hydrate, repair, and nourish your skin before you apply the Shaving Cream. Our pre-shave oil is formulated to promote regeneration and nourishment of all skin types.

Step Two - Shaving Cream

Our luxury shaving cream hydrates while it protects your skin as you shave promoting a close, clean shave. Use with or without a shaving brush; wet and shave as normal

Step Three - Aftershave Tonic

Sooth and tone your skin post-shave and combat irritation and redness with natural ingredients such as coffee, ginseng, and guarana extracts in our aftershave tonic.  

Step Four - Aftershave Balm

Chopperhead’s men’s shaving balm is should be used to sooth, repair, and hydrate your skin post-shave and after our Aftershave Tonic. Our men’s shaving balm is formulated to nourish your skin throughout the day.

Step Five - Apply Beard Oil & Style your Facial Hair

If you are still sporting some facial hair, use one of our Chopperhead combs. Use our mustache and beard comb to get the perfect shaped mustache or get your beard under control with our beard brush. Our folding pocket combs (883 and 1340) and pocket comb are perfect for touch-ups on-the-go.  


Shop our entire Chopperhead line for effective badass products that can help you and your clients embrace your classic, badass style.

Embrace Your Rebellious Side With Chopperhead’s Shaving Essentials

London’s Ton Up Boys of ages past embraced the lifestyle of authenticity, leather, and the smell of motorcycle oil. They lived for speed, the open road, and the counterculture way of life. The creators of Chopperhead formulated our shaving essentials for the modern man with an edgy style influenced by the classic look of badass rockers. Whether you own a motorcycle or not, Chopperhead is for the man who is embracing his own masculine look and individual style. Shop our entire line of male grooming products online and become an official Chopperhead retailer.