Folding Pocket Comb 883

Folding Pocket Comb 883

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A Folding Comb for Creating and Maintaining Biker-Inspired, Rock-N-Roll Looks


  • Male grooming product accessory fits compactly into sleek, included case.
  • Folding pocket comb can be comfortably kept in your pocket to help you look your best all day

Chopperhead’s folding pocket comb is a must have male grooming product accessory for the man embracing his masculine style and constantly on the go. Though our men’s hair care products will keep your hair right where you left it, it doesn't hurt to touch up your style throughout the day and keep yourself looking sharp and your very best. If you have already invested in our haircare and styling products, a folding pocket comb is a must have and a next step to get the most out of your styling products. Buy the Chopperhead folding pocket comb and shop our full line of men’s hair care products and male grooming products.

Use: Use during your morning routine and place in your day bag or pocket to use throughout the day.


  • Folding comb